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Monster Hunter Online Translator

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Notice: As expected. People are complaining this isn't a fully fledged solution. I never claimed it to be. This is an experimental translator. If you need a good translator, please use Google Translate for mobile on App Store or Google Play.

Monster Hunter Online Translator is a side project of mine months after the English patch was no longer available. It is part of my omni_translator software, which is a piece of software that uses OpenCV and Tesseract OCR to try and visually translate stuff. In this case, a video game. It is a last resort form of translation as the performance is terrible and too slow for real time usage. I use it personally and never released it due to poor accuracy. It will confuse players more than help them.

Translation process:

Monter Hunter Online (MHO) is a Monster Hunter game made in collaboration between Capcom and Tencent for the China region. It uses the Crytek engine for its stunning visuals.

The game used to have an English patch until they encrypted the data files in mid 2016. Since then the only alternatives is to use translation software applications or using mobile apps. These are still the best solutions to play this game with a some understanding.

Why another translator?

For fun mainly. And to see if I can make something better. Else no point in doing anything really.

Please Note: Keep in mind this is not a full fledged solution. Not all content of the game is translated. Only defined parts. You will have to extend it yourself to the parts you feel is important for your game play. This is just a prototype translator. I'll keep extending and improving it if I have time.

System Requirements


Known Issues


If you wish to expand on the solution yourself, just make a subfolder in the 'original' folder with a key.png for the key image. And create accompanying images you wish to have translated in their original form. Replicate that folder into the 'en' folder and replace them with translated png files with the same file name for matching.

To extend the smarter OCR stuff, then you'll have to edit the .xml files and define your own regions to attempt the OCR reading abilities. There's a lot of examples in the data/mho folder.

Disclaimer: By downloading this, you accept that it comes with no guarantee and you are using it at your own risk.

Download Omni Translator for MHO