Warning: The website this plugin was made for contains explicit adult content. You must be over 18+ years of age to enter as the site details in another language.

A Free Download Manager plugin that will generate download links from a fairly popular Japanese adult movie site

This is a requested project from IRC. Typical 'how to download pr0n faster' requests or how to get more of it. These are quite popular.

But due to the site's language and apparently, point driven download system... this plugin pretty much takes the movie information page and generates the download link for you without needing to understand the site or fiddling around with registrations and possibly payments. I don't quite know since I can't read it.

Solution is in a plugin form for free download manager. Just copy the movie information web page link in the

format and the plugin will generate the download link and automatically add it into the Free Download Manager download list. And if you set it to auto download then the download will also start upon adding to the program.

How To Use
Just unzip the .dll file to the Plugins folder for Free Download Manager. Default location is
C:\Program Files\Free Download Manager\Plugins
Or for 64bit Windows
C:\Program Files (x86)\Free Download Manager\Plugins

The plugin will delay the program opening for a couple of seconds to connect to the site and initialise the cookies. A small popup will show up saying that the above link pattern will initiate the download sequence and the final link will be added to your download manager automatically.

Browse the movie index for the site and start copy pasting.


Important! Please make sure you take a look at and understand the disclaimer before downloading. Don't download if you don't agree to the disclaimer.

Project Created: 2012-11-30 06:05:00 | Last Updated: 2013-12-27 07:08:46